Flower Care

 How to Care For Your Cut Flowers.

This advice is for all cut flowers including hand tied bouquets and spring flowers. There is seperate advice below for bouquets that are already in water.

We would like your flowers to last and look beautiful for as long as possible, following some simple steps will ensure they do.


1. Always cut at least 2cm off the bottom of every stem, preferably at a slight angle, regardless of how long they have been out of water. This gives the stems the best possible chance to transport water to the flowers.

Not cutting the stems is the most common reason for flowers drooping and not opening properly.


2. Always use the flower food provided. If none is provided it is because the particular flowers thrive better without it. If the person who is sending you flowers has requested no plastic we will not include flower food.


3. Always use fresh cold tap water and a clean glass or plastic vase.


4. Display your flowers in the coolest place in the room away from heat and direct sunlight.


Please feel free to give us a call for any further advice and if you have any prolems with your flowers, pop into the shop with them where we will be happy to replace them.

See below for how to care for your aqua packed flowers.



How To Care For Your Aqua Packed Flowers.


This advice is for bouquets that are already in water, "aqua packed".


Aqua packed bouquets are ideal if they are not going to be given for several hours or even the following day, or if the person who they are for is unwell or unable to arrange the flowers themself. They are also useful if you are travelling with them.

Aqua packs can be left as the are forup to 2 days and will then need to be taken apart and put in a vase. Follow the steps below.


1.  Do not turn the bouquet up side down to empty the water! Remove the bouquet from the box by cutting / untying the bow and pulling apart one side of the box. Or remove by lifting out.



 2. Over a sink, snip the tie that is securing the water bubble and allow the water to pour out.


3. The flowers can then be unwrapped and placed in clean tap water in a clean glass or plastic vase.


4. It is important to place the flowers directly into water otherwise they will need to have the stems cut, see " How To Care For Your Cut Flowers".


5.  Display in a cool place away from heat and direct sunlight.


We guarantee all of our flowers for 5 days except some spring and summer varieties which would be mentioned at point of sale. Most of our flowers, if the steps above are followed, will last a lot longer. For plants, induvidual advice is given at point of sale, care cards are available for some varieties.